We searched the web and found some great packing tips from celebrities to bloggers.  Here are a few of our faves. let us know some of your tips!


goop by gwyneth paltrow

gives you tips on just about everything from travel, to city guides to recipes.  last week's post included ms. paltrow's tips on packing for many types of trip.


delicious baby

has a great packing list when travelling with kids, as well as information on travel documents, jet lag, eating out, toys  and more. 


have baby will travel

is a fun site that follows a mother of two as she travels around the world.  she has great tips on flying with small children, travel advice and helpful tips. 

Have Baby Will Travel


we just got back

has packing tips for every type of family trip from kid's toiletries, to ski trips, beach trips, car trips.  check out all of their lists on their site. 

Happy Holidays

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Bee Falling in love with fall...

Tomorrow is the day - the first day of fall. And while we're all sad to see summer go, there's a personal excitement that comes each September. I've learned to hold onto it secretly, as many are not OK with the changing of the seasons, but I find it harder + harder to do as each year passes.

And what's wrong with that? It's it time for a change? Shouldn't we be ready to trade in our bright + shining colors for the warmer, more subdued (however, anything-but-boring) shades of fall? Shouldn't was be looking forward to covering up a little more, trading our boat shoes for booties, our cotton for cashmere and our tanks for trousers? Can't we find the fun in fall just as easy as we can in summer? If you're having a bit of trouble, we're here to help you out. Look below to see some of our favorites (colors, make-up, styles + sights) for fall. Hopefully we can inspire your look + your love for the season!

Fall colors don't have to be boring. Jewel tones have returned as a favorite and basic black has a new


twist. Gold is an unexpected fun flair this time around.

It's hard to narrow our favorite trends this season (see previous blog posts for other ideas) but animal anything, classic camel (which takes basic black's place), leather skirts and, of course, plaid, are a few that we'll certainly be sporting:

A change in our beauty regime is always fun as well. We're loving the same look of simple, fresh skin from summer. But our favorite dramatic flairs are berry lips OR trade the traditional smokey eye for a metallic smokey eye.

Don't forget that fall changes extend beyond the wardrobe, so try not to miss some seasonal pastimes - oh-ing + ah-ing at the changing leaves, apple picking + pumpkin carving - just to name a few!

Bee Prepared...

It's that time of year again: Summer seems like a dream, we're welcoming our September issues of our favorite glossies, and some of us are bidding farewells to the kiddos each morning as we send them off to a new year of school.

No matter the age or the grade, shopping for back-to-school items just never gets old. Here are a few fun basics that will keep your kids chic this semester.

We all love a pretty notebook. Jonathan Adler seems to take these to the next level with bright colors and funky designs.
How could you resist this cute case? Store your markers, pencils, crayons or personal items. (A plus, it's made with organic cotton!)

Encourage your kids to explore their creative side (and style) with this backpack, which comes with markers so they can apply some DIY design.
Gone are the days of a smooshed PB&J if you're using this fun lunchbox. (P.S. no matter what's inside, your kid's lunch is sure to stand out!)
And most importantly, is a strong support system! Keep your kids excited about school, sports and studies by letting your enthusiasm shine through. Here's to a safe school year - oh how they grow so fast!

Bee Hungry...

We're only going to say this once: Summer is fleeting. Fast. So you can probably tell we've been trying to squeeze every last drop out of this season that we possibly can before we dive right in to the next.

While we're all about clothes, colors + cooling off during these months, let it be understood that we don't overlook summertime cuisine. So here's some classic summertime dishes + recipes for you to check out while it's still lighter later, while there's still no chill in the air and while you still have some of that summer time on your hands.

Traditional Gazpacho
Take advantage of the tomato bounty at your local farm stand! This traditional dish will cool off (and jazz up) most any ordinary meal.

No-cook Tomato + Basil Pasta Sauce
Everybody's favorite dish in an easy-to-follow, no-cook simple recipe. Another perfect way to taste the last of this-season's best tomatoes!

Classic Burger
Everyone's favorite dish!

Broiled Summer Salad
An amazing medley of all your favorite summer veggies. Super-easy to prepare + is delicious by itself or on top of pasta!

Corn Salad with Feta + Walnuts
A new (delicious) way to enjoy this fresh veggie.

Bon Appetit!

Bee Useful...

Recession or not, there's nothing like maximizing the use of a piece from our wardrobe. It keeps us creative, our looks fresh and of course, justifies our splurge. Every August we enjoy the "Buy Now, Wear Later" spreads that grace the pages of our glossies. They're a subtle reminder that fall is right around the corner, but they urge us to take advantage of all those great summer sales. Most of all, they give us a wee bit of insight into styles the next season is prepared to offer.

Here are some staples we're stocking up on before summer ends but that you'll see us donning well into autumn.
Don't get rid of your shorts yet - just pair them with some fun, patterned tights for a little extra warmth (and style)!

You may be wearing a pretty floral dress like this solo, but as the air cools, it's easy to slip on some denim leggings underneath. You can even throw a belt on for a little waist definition.
These three never go out of style. For the tops, prepare to change from shorts to jeans + use this military jacket to complete the outfit. It is the perfect transition piece.

Since you're saving all that money...why not splurge on a fur vest? It will look great over that floral dress + leggings or even as an additional layer over the military jacket!

What are some pieces you'll be getting the most mileage out of?

Bee Euphonic...

Whether you're at the beach, a barbecue or just hanging out on your porch, a solid summer soundtrack seems to complete each long, sunny, hot (and humid) day. Here are a few of our favorite albums (and some single songs) that have been on repeat this season-long.

Edward Sharpe + the Magnetic Zeros - Up From Below
Broken Bells - Broken Bells
Temper Trap - Conditions
Mumford + Sons - Sigh No More
LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening
La Roux - La Roux

Some singles (old + new) that we enjoy too!
Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Tears for Fears
In the Summertime, Mungo Jerry
Ready for the Floor, Hot Chip
I Love Beach Music, The Embers
One Sweet World, Dave Matthews Band

Check out some of these or let us know what YOU have been loving this summer!

Bee Memorable...

Remember the days of sending greetings to family + friends from your vacation spot? Yeah, neither do we. Perhaps the thought of rubbing in our time off to others made us feel rude, or perhaps the inflation of postcard prices made us feel cheap.
Or, it could be that they just don't make those paper hellos quite like they used to. If cards were still as glamorous as these babies, you can guarantee we'd be sending our best from wherever in the world we happened to be.
*Sunny California!
*The Big Apple!
*Waaay down South!
*The City of Roses!*How cool is this one - it features all 50 states + acts almost like a checklist for the cross-country trip!

Of course you can find all of these postcards (and others) on the Internet. We like sites including Greetings From Postcards (which actually does custom 1950's style) and The 2 Buds.

Bee Bright...

One (of the many) thing(s) we love so much about summer are all the lively colors that surround us the whole season - it feels as if we could never tire of the bright hues. These bold shades evoke carefree summer fun + sights when we see them. Hence our enthusiasm to incorporate them into our wardrobe + even makeup routine. Check out some of our favorites below - from nature and how we would incorporate them into our daily lives.

A pop of yellow will ensure you shine brightly in any room.

There's nothing that says summer quite like crisp white - sands or sundresses!

A favorite summertime treat for your taste buds + toenails.

Makes us think of nights in the Caribbean. Pair that skirt with a white take for an easy, breezy + sexy look.

Tanned skin and soaked sand. Sun-kissed neutrals (with a touch of shimmer) spice up even the simplest makeup routine.

A favorite view of ours? Not being able to tell the difference between the sea + the sky.

Bee Active...

Maybe your idea of the perfect summer vacation isn't sitting on the beach doing, well, nothing. And that's just fine. There's plenty of ways to relax while staying active + there's plenty of places you can visit that will keep you busy.

New England hosts a multitude of action-packed outdoor activities - everything from hiking, climbing, swimming + biking - and the cooler, less-humid weather is perfect for each. Check out the Boston Globe's top 20 outdoor New England adventures.

Perhaps an expedition to Grand Canyon National Park is more your speed. With plenty of trails to choose from, you can get your fill of hiking + beautiful scenery from sunup to sundown.

Have time to head out of the country? Check out countries including Costa Rica, Nicaragua + Puerto Rico which offer equal parts water (rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing) and "dry" (rappelling, caving, zip-lining) sports, as well as waterfalls, volcanoes and rain forests that punctuate regular hiking expeditions.

Whatever your thoughts + desires, if you need a little direction, you can always head over to Trip Advisor. They make finding + choosing a destination based on your wants super-easy.

Happy Trails!

Bee Beachy...

We all love the kitschy-yet-classic feel of a beach house. Nautical stripes, brightly-painted walls, sun-bleached driftwood, and shell + sail accessories punctuating each corner for an extra authentic feel. Being surrounded by these quirky accents always seem to remind us of the true essence of summer - vacation time!
While totally opposite in aesthetic, both of these entrances scream, "Welcome!" They seem to imply that what lies beyond has all you'll need for days of relaxation + fun.

It's not a beach house unless there's a shell display. How you choose to show the world your finds is up to you, but get creative or keep it traditional.

Bright pillows to adorn the furniture is a must.

Other accents such as sun-bleached beechwood add an earthy yet simplistic feel to the room.

Nautical stripes are almost a must for all beach houses. You can incorporate one piece into a room, or many pieces into one room.

If bright-colored paint isn't your thing, try a fun wallpaper print.

Almost as much as shells, all things sailing seem almost too appropriate for detail. Use wallpaper, a collage of snapshots, wooden models or even buoys and/or rope to get the feel.

Bee Patriotic...

In honor of the up-coming Fourth of July festivities we're encouraging you to let your true colors of red, white + blue shine through! Outfits don't have to be over-the-top or down-home dowdy. The key is to stick to one (crisp) color or pick a cute pattern + break it up with a solid accent. No matter the look you choose, be sure to keep it casual so you can enjoy the lazy mid-summer weekend of food, friends + fireworks.
Nothing screams summer like a crisp white frock. Dress it up or down with shoes + colored or metallic accessories.

Red + white stripes = classic. This dress is perfect for the casual cookout.

A solid color wrap dress (especially in this royal blue) is flattering on almost anyone.

Gingham never gets old for summer. How cute is this dress?

Pair this top with denim, white or khaki shorts.

Use this fun belt over any dress to cinch your waist or add as a detail to your jean shorts.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Bee Happy...

Ahhhhhhh. Summer. No matter how old we get, this day keeps filling us with that school's-out, three-months-off, feeling. It's time for longer days, sunsets on the sand, poolside picnics and a care-free state of mind.

Cheers to the summer solstice. We hope you enjoy the marking of this season just as much as we do.
*Sunglasses available at

Bee Minimal...

One of our favorite things about summer is there's no muss + no fuss. We love the simple styles + barely-there makeup that becomes not just acceptable, but sexy. Punctuated with perfectly imperfect hair and of course, your carefree, laid-back attitude, it's never hard to remember why the arrival of this season continues to make our excitement climb.

Here are a few simple beauty + wardrobe staples that will make your look minimally magnificent.

These create the perfect glow on our lips, cheeks and even eyelids.
This tinted moisturizer is the simplest - light coverage AND spf all-in-one.

With flats, flip-flops, wedges or barefoot; a white v-neck, floral flowy blouse, simple tank or over a bikini; cut-off or rolled up, you can NOT go wrong with a pair of worn-in jean shorts.
This shirt looks like you picked it up off the floor on your boyfriend's side of the bed. it's lightweight, cool and comfy.
j.crew, we love you. we think you've simply outdone yourself when it comes to your super-soft tee's.
Spray in + air dry. This formula leaves locks soft, frizz-free + smelling sweet.

Enjoy your long days, warm nights + simply style!

Bee Suited...

You may have been working all year on getting your body bikini-ready, but if you don't have the right suit to wear at showtime, then you certainly won't be flattering your figure. Here are some tips, tricks + top styles that the pros recommend for complete (and comfortable) beach bliss this season!

*A vertical detail along the center of the suit actually slims your silhouette by drawing the eyes in + up.

*High-cut bottoms can make your legs appear longer.
*Ruching in the torso of the suit helps conceal extra weight + has a slimming effect.

*Ruffles help enhance smaller chests + flat derrieres.

Here's to a summer that suits you just fine!

Bee Hot...

After this weekend's official summer kick-off, you may be thinking that it will be one long, hot summer. And you're right. From Newport Beach to the New England coasts, here are some ways to stay sizzling (and sexy), even when you're not in the sun.

Everyone loves beach waves - the ones on your head, not the ones on the sand. Keep your mane the main attraction by using a product that mimics the effects of saltwater.
Keeps your nails nice + simple with a neutral color like CND's polish in Putty, but play up your feet with a punchy shade like Essie's Vermillionaire.

Trade your flirty summer dress (but keep it on call by all means!) for a relaxed pair of (very short) shorts. Pair with a tank or flirty tee + some flats.
You can't look sexy when beet-red, so pile on the spf AND a good fake tanner.

Tis' the season for teeny bikinis, tiny tops + barely-there bottoms. So no matter what it is that makes you feel sexy, be sure to let all your hard work and - most importantly - self confidence, shine as bright as the sun!

Bee Ready…

Everyone loves a weekend getaway, but somehow Memorial Day tops all others. We keep repeating: beach, sand, family, friends + fun, when we think of how we’re going to kick off this start to summer. And here are some essential items you must tow along to help make your travels easy breezy + to keep you inspired for the rest of summer.
*Start off with a carry-all that will fit...well...all of it! Check out this one from J.Crew by Want Organic. We're also partial to the Angela Adams® for J.Crew diagonal-stripe sail bag as a beach carry-on.
*You'll be spending most of your day on the sand, so be sure to accompany your bathing suit (we previously posted one of our faves) with the proper accessories such as these glamorous + flattering sunglasses + a hat for extra sun protection!
*You can't be tired on your vacation! Make sure you travel comfortably (and stylishly) to your destination. The sleep mask also comes in handy after a late night of celebration with friends!
*You (and the kiddos) can kick back in the tide or swimming pools with this float. And the nautical design never goes out of style.

Whatever your vacation must-haves may be, grab them, get ready to go + have a great weekend!

Bee Clean. . .

Ever get in one of those moods where you simply must purge EVERYTHING, clean EVERYTHING before you feel you can get your life in order?

Right. Us too.

Kind of makes you believe cleanliness is next to godliness. Maybe Mom did have it right all those years. "Put up this, make up that. . ." And while you've got the cleaning bug, why not opt for the eco-friendlier option. Maybe "greenliness" (is this a word? Should be.) is next to godliness too.

Below are some age-old tips for maintaining a clean home, satisfied soul (thanks to said clean home) and
green conscious.

1. Keep a death-ready house. Sounds spooky, right? But a friend once told me to throw
out things you no longer use so that"no one else would have to."

2. Empty the trash once a week. And don't procrastinate!

3. Make your bed everyday - it will improve your mood. Simple, but true. Another mood lifter: Le Labo's Signature Scent Detergent by The Laundress.

4. Clean windowsills. You'll want to sit on them come spring + summer.

5. Store "stuff" in a stylish way.

6. Don't be afraid to use a little elbow grease in an eco fashion. And while you're at it, ditch old sponges for these cellulose beauties.

We could go on forever thanks to Grandma's helpful housekeeping tips, but we'll stop there - for now. Please do share your tips with us!

Summer dreams makes me feel fine..

So, during my pilates workout today I was dreaming of a house in Malibu (something had to get me through those hundreds). I thought wouldn't it be great to have a house in Malibu this summer and wouldn't it be great to get my bum in a hot new bikini. I also thought if I did have a house in Malibu this summer, I would wear this bikini all day. I would also wear these Free City sweat pants, which are super comfy and totally Malibu.
Then I thought I would like to have this super comfy Alexander Wang tshirt.

Then I thought it would be nice to have a dress for after the beach and I thought this Zimmerman dress would be perfect since I wouldn't have any tan lines from new bikini.

And lastly I thought I would add these shoes, because I could easily wear these all summer long. Now all I need is that house in Malibu..oh and that body! Have a good weekend! xj